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What have you learned about yourself through fighting & competition?

That I’m not as good as I should be every time I compete. It is motivation for me to keep training.


What's your favorite technique on the ground?
Armbar from the guard most definitely. Its so simple and I can sneak it in every time no matter if my opponent knows its coming.

Tell us something about yourself that everyone may not know about you outside of Noel the martial artist and fighter.
Outside of fighting, I am a very shy soft spoken individual. I’m more scared of dates than I am of going into the ring. Kind of funny I know.

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I love asking my students after we have done a hard workout, “Are you tired yet?” What I Love more is hearing everyone say “No Sir!” as a reply. Even though I know that the drills or exercises are hard, I enjoy the fact that my students never give up.


Perseverance is pivotal to self-defense and martial arts training indeed, but, it is also pivotal to day to day life. If you condition yourself to quit during the hardest parts of training, you are going to quit during the hardest parts of life. You cannot afford to give up in the tough times. So here is my advice: seek to persevere in class and in life. When life is hard on you and are getting down, remember your answer when I ask you in class if you are tired. “No Sir!” Get back up and keep going and remember above all else:


-Sensei Abe Stem
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  United Zanshindo Association Takes Shape

Lots of good things are happening with our schools
and with our style of submission fighting known as Zanshindo.  As a result, Sensei Abe Stem has decided to form a committee with a choice group of high-ranking students who are aspiring to one day open up their own schools and expand our brand of mixed martial arts.  Through closed-door meetings, we are in the process of laying the groundwork for an organization that will focus on the development and growth of our style on a nation-wide scale and ultimately even world-wide.


  Savannah welcomes Zanshindo:

Georgia better watch out!
  There is a new breed of Mixed Martial Artists being trained in the dirty south under the tutelage of Sensei Abe Stem.  BMAA (Beaufort Martial Arts Academy) has opened a branch school in Savannah, GA.  Classes are currently being held at the 24 Hour Family Fitness Center. This gym is a fully staffed fitness and training center and classes are taught on a state-of-the-art floating floor workout room complete with our equipment as well as a sound system to get us through even the toughest workouts.
Class times for the Savannah Martial Arts Academy are every Monday and Wednesday at 5:00pm-6:00pm for children.  Adults’ times are 7:00pm-8:30pm on Mondays and Wednesday.


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Beaufort Martial Arts Academy
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Sponsor the UZA!
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Learn and develop your techniques to the best of your ability. But always remember, you can have all the technique in the world, but all of your techniques will mean nothing if you are not willing to engage.

The enemy cares nothing about the beauty of your technique, rank, popularity, or status in life. Therefore, you must be ready at all times to do what is necessary. Only through proper training will you develop this type of ready mind set.

This is the essence of Zanshin-do: The way of total awareness.

"...I have studied these UFC fighters. Please stop teaching people the non-art of hate. They need to understand love before they can really fight for a cause. Thank you for your time and I am sorry if this makes you angry. But I really don't understand this 'art'."
- (Zanshindo skeptic)

This is the way that I look at it. Our style is Zanshindo: the way of total awareness. I do not train to hurt people. But... if someone is trying to take your life or the life of someone else, I feel it is necessary to fight as hard and as fiercely as necessary. I believe that some people misconstrue the turn the other cheek principle. No person has the right to hurt another person. Therefore I teach my students to fight back.

"...I believe what you are doing is a good thing now that I have been thinking about it... Your words have been very insightful and I thank you for your passion and understanding. Thanks again for helping me with my concern and just know I cared I was never against you or your art!"
- (Zanshindo skeptic supporter)

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